Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Last Thursday the 17th October was World Food Day and

to recognise the farmers
the various AgChats around the world got together
at the prompting and organising of AgChatUK's Jez
to hold the first AgriChatWorld twitter forum.
And it was busy.

There were 632 contributors
from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Holland, Kenya, Portugal and NZ.
The reach was 890,282 so there were lots of lurkers watching and reading.
There were 3,664 tweets and
8.44 million timeline deliveries.

That's a lot of people communicating across the world.
Connecting and being part of a worldwide farming community.
It's big.
And who was the media face of it all?

This tweeting monkey otherwise known as @NZcows
author of NZ Cows blog
co-colluder of AgChatNZ.
There were six simple questions that had us all,
both declaring our pride in our farming systems and
the future as we saw it and
a fair bit of eye rolling as the different countries rolled in with their points of pride.
For a brief on the conversation go to AgChatUK
It was pretty awesome connecting with so many people about farming around the world.
It was crazy frantic to watch the contributions and conversations taking place
but it had a wonderful energy and feeling of acceptance from all,
even when the anti-Badger cull nutters got involved.
There will be another......

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  1. Ah ha! So thats how #AgchatNZ came into being.

    The badger cull has been a huge issue in the UK. Many of my UK Facebook friends have been really up in arms over it. And some have joined the protests. TB is is huge issue for everyone in the farming community. I don't think twice about culling possums on my small bit of land which helps my dairy farming neighbour out in turn. Great blog.