Thursday, October 3, 2013


Let's talk about decisions.
I am going to make gross generalisations
be offended if you wish,
but my advice is read this, take note and do.
at work we are moving office buildings next week.
If you have never been involved in office moving,
thank your lucky stars.
In our modern workplaces,
there is a certain delusion perpetrated by HR people,
but probably introduced by unions 
that maintains the myth that there is equity and equality in our workplaces of today.
Let me tell you, as a manager, there is not.
Here's the deal.
I get paid a sum more than others to be responsible for
making decisions and standing by them.
That means that I need to;
  1. make a decision - to do this I would and should consult with others, take all the information I am able to collect into consideration and then make a decision.
  2. carry out the decision - I might do this myself, I might delegate to someone with more appropriate skills, interests, time or ability.  I need to make sure this is done in a timely manner to met deadlines.  If I delegate the task/s then I need to support and monitor the person to whom this has been delegated. At the very least, I need to be able to communicate my decision carefully and tailored for my audience so I get buy in from everyone to support
  3. stand by my decision - now in the process of completing the task the original decision may not work as well as it may have appeared to at the beginning and thus may have been adapted to become a new an improved result.  However as a person who is paid to make decisions and be responsible for them and their outcomes, I also have a responsibility to closely watch the process, the progress and the decision making within the process so I understand what has, or has not happened.  This means I, and others, understand what I am responsible for, answerable for. 
This is simple.... right?
It turns out that how much you are paid does not equate to decision making skills,
to consulting with others to ensure you have as much information you need
to make the best decision you can,
nor that you have to stand by your decision or
explain it to help others accept the decision. 
That, I guess is just some moral or intellectual standard that some people have.
I consult, decide, take action and responsibility simply because so many people don't.
This is the way I see it.
I make decisions all the time,
what time to get of bed in the morning in order to make it to work on time,
what to eat for lunch that is easy and convenient,
a million small decisions.
Bigger decisions are a similar process on a larger scale usually involving more people.
To make life move forward we have to make decisions.
We have to draw a line in the sand
(which as a metaphor allows for change as sand shifts really easy,
through the hourglass for instance)
and to get things done.
While there is always a case of that others will be affected,
possibly upset by the decision
the reality of life is that we have to make them.

Then why are three grown and relatively older men plus two other men
unable to sort out moving offices in a constructive, inclusive manner?

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