Wednesday, February 19, 2014

odd day

I'm feeling frustrated and that's always a good time to post,
maybe an unwise time,
but let's throw caution to the wind and ride this sucker.
Where do I start?
It's been an odd day.
It's my fulla's birthday so that was a good start,
if somewhat underwhelming start,
as in I was more excited about giving gifts than
he was about receiving the particular gifts I chose with care.
Well not quite,
he loved the men's personal grooming set with nose hair trimmer,
and he liked the blue wireless mouse,
but my master piece,
tickets to see the Laughing Samoans,
my fulla's all time favourite comedians that are still alive.
I'm sure he will be more excited when we get to the show in six weeks time
but I wanted him bouncing off the roof now,
not in six weeks.
Still the nose hair trimmer was a hit.
Then I got a phone call from my mother.
The last few weeks or months have been a bit tense between us.
I read a quote yesterday about organising your wedding:
Don't fight with your mother. The relationship between the daughter and the mother can be difficult during the planning. The mother always think it's the daughter's wedding but that it's the mother's party. So it's incredibly important to maintain that connection between mother and daughter to make it into a fun, productive wedding instead of the struggle filled with fights.
Well we didn't actually fight but my mother opted out of the planning,
probably because she wanted to be more involved,
but she opted out in the second week of planning,
we didn't even have a date by then.
Then she complained that she hadn't been included.
I do have family that usually sides with her who confirm my side of this story.
Anyway, I digress.
This morning she phoned because last Friday
she had a go at me,
throwing out some pretty seriously nasty quotes from other family members
to suit her point of view and ill temper.
She has been unwell and is not happy, at all,
which is why I had left work early to pick her up
to take her to her chemist to collect her medication.
That is leave work early,
drive to the other side of town,
past the chemist,
to her house,
back to the chemist,
then back to her house,
all in the Friday evening rush hour at the end of my work week.
It was probably made it worse that I refused to answer her
cause I'm done fighting over things that really are not her business
or things that she can not express in a adult manner.
(adult manner does not mean naked or x-rated,
I just had a flash of one of my mature in age, not in conduct workmates laughing at that term).
Anyway she apologised,
which I think may be the first time ever she has done that to me.
She has done the "I'm sorry but..." type thing before.
Or the classic apologie with a side of insult of "I'm sorry you feel that way but..."
So I come to work,
when all I really want to do is stay home and cook with my new recipes for the giant marrow my (different, more mature) workmate gave me.
I'm not sure why he gave it to me but
I'm enjoying the challenge of finding something to do with it.
That and play Farmville2,
all day.
I get to work and notice that I could do with a face wax.
I get to work and my office is a mess.
I get to work and can't get the air con at the best temp.
I get to work and need to do an asset audit on items in my work car.
Of the four assests that should be in my car, I have two.
Maybe just being at a job that should be cool but isn't quite is my frustration.
Now excuse me I have to go buy my husband a birthday cake.
I thought he didnt want one.
It turns out he just didn't want a yummy marrow chocolate cake
so he will have to have a cheapo store bought sponge.
Icing if he is lucky.

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