Tuesday, March 11, 2014


At last, thanks to our wee team of four,
AgChatNZ will begin
tomorrow night,
Wednesday 12th March
at 8pm
on the Twitter
following #agchatnz
and discussing
Brand New Zealand
I know, finally!
This twitter bug will lead the way
Sophie's handle is @sestanley1
Follow her....
Sophie was a Nuffield Scholar last year
and like me believes twitter is a brilliant forum
for farmers to connect with each other.
AgriHQ posted this interview with Sophie here
And Colin the tweeting farmer
will be spreading the word and
adding in a few of his own.
Colin is @NZcows
Next in our quartet of tweeting agvocates
is Shona Glentworth or as we know her
Shona wrote our first blog post and AgChatNZ topic
on Brand New Zealand here
on our website www.agchatnz.org.nz
 Then there's me,
I've been dreaming and pottering along
working slowly towards getting AgChatNZ up and going.
Thanks so Sophie, Colin and Shona for giving it all a nudge.
Join us on Wednesday at 8pm to chat about ag stuff in NuZild.

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