Thursday, April 24, 2014

solution oriented answers

I'm sure your mother taught you,
that if you can't say anything nice
don't say anything at all.
This partnered with an active decision to be solution oriented this year,
I find that it's flipping hard to blog.
Not that I was always complaining,
but a good complaint really helps a good blog post.
So here's a few non-complaint words of pride and wisdom
(I always liked Hailey Mills's Pollyanna).
Easter Sunday (not an Easter Egg day in our fam-damn-ly)
was the first ever time in his lifetime
that my fulla spoke in Sacrament.
He did extremely well.
I reminded him that all he was doing was reading to a large group people
that he mostly knew.
It was like being in Sunday School,
except with a microphone and a podium.
This is not my husband or our Ward but
photos of Tongan speakers are limited on Google images.
The principle is there.
I also reminded him that people never listen,
and even though there was way more people than normal in the congregation,
they are all zoned out hopefully thinking good Easter thoughts,
but probably thinking about chocolate Easters Eggs
(that they should have eaten on Monday,
the actual third day after Christ's crucifixion
by my mother's count).
Turns out I was wrong.
Heaps of people spoke to my fulla afterwards
complimenting him on his talk.
Bless him.
He knew he could do it.
His problem was he is fakama or kind of shy but only in public places.
Believe me my fulla can spin a yarn when it suits him.
He can do it in a number of languages too.

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