Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I'm back...

I have missed writing my wee blog.
I was unfaithful and tried an anonymous blog because
I thought I wanted get some dark stuff written down and
out of me,
but I've realised that writing here is better because
I think about what I'm writing,
I think about you dear friend and
I like be thoughtful about what I write.
It exercises my brain betterer.
So what's been happening since last December?
Just the big things;
Mags is waiting to be diagnosed with dementia.
Specialists and the like take plenty of time to sort anything out,
so hat tip for the future,
should your aged parent show any symptoms of anything,
make sure you get it checked out as early as you can cause
in the public health system things move about
as fast as Mags does walk - glacial.
Good news, Mags is having a holiday in Brisbane with Pippipotamos for SIX WEEKS!
Am somewhat excited about this and am sleeping better.
Ma hives are still raging along. 
I made the mistake of feeling really well and believing it a few weekends ago,
didn't take an anti-histamine one day and boy did I itch, glow, swell and ache. 
It was like the bad old days all over again. 
But there is a website so Dr Google wins again.
I think I know what it is. 
 I'm always a bit surprised at others need to find the source of everything,
I mean I'm not a river in Africa, Dr Livingstone, I'm a people. 
 So what I think it is a mast cell disorder. 
I meet most of the symptoms especially the always weepy and itching eyes,
depression, hives, vitamin B deficiency and many more. 
I've never actually matched symptoms quite so well before. 
And the cure? 
Well what do you know,
there is none
 other than toxic chemicals so it's back to the diet drawing board. 
Thankfully, I'm not the only person with this,
once again thanks Dr. Google,
saving the day when medial professionals put you in the too hard basket.
I'm planning a family reunion for my dad's side,
the Russells
but unfortunately my lovely cousin Jennifer and her son Zane
were killed in a car crash just outside Bulls last Saturday,
the day before Mothers Day......
This is what I wrote on facebook the day after;
When I think of mothers that I admire, I think of my cousin Jennifer. Jen was born to be a mother. I've never met a person more suited, more capable, more ideal to be a mother. When she married Willie and had her four children, Rachel, Nicole, Zane and Hayden, she blossomed into this being that family revolved around. She was the centre of the family because she loved them and because she loved loving them. She worked hard as an at home child carer so she could be there ...for her own younger boys. She saved and worked hard to make their house a home. She encouraged, supported and was an enthusiast for all that her children did and could do. She was so proud of them and she should be.I've never met more polite, personable, pleasant children - carbon copies of their mother.
Yesterday in the news some of you will have read or heard about a car crash near Bulls. That was Jen and Zane, the mother and son killed in a car accident (and sadly another woman in the other car). Jen was only 40, Zane only 14. They were returning to Wanganui from a great family day watching Zane compete in go-carting, something Jen encouraged and drove many miles to make possible.
In years from now, I will think of Mothers Day and remember what a wonderful mother Jen is and what an example she is of loving, caring, sacrificing mother.
Jen would say live your life and get on with it.
RIP Jen and Zane
P.S. Call your mother. Now.
The funeral is Friday in Wanagnui.
My heartbreaks for her kids, her husband, her parents and brothers.
My heart is actually broken for them.
And this morning I got a call from Dors to tell me my Dad is in hospital
unable to stop bleeding,
as you do, well he does. 
Never mind where he is bleeding from cause the problem is that
he doesn't clot so bled away he is and
the blood transfusions are taking their time to kick in.
He is determined to make Jen and Zane funeral.
So heres hoping.

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