Monday, July 6, 2015

revisiting the past

I had the opportunity to
revisit my 'old' life on Thursday and Friday last week.
It was the 2015 NZYF Contest Grand Final in Taupo
and my 'new' job is now a sponsor.
We were spotted two tickets for the Awards Dinner on Thursday night.
(terrible photo I know but the OSPRI logo is up there somewhere)
It's a funny old thing going back.
Things were basically the same,
a little more shambolic,
frustration was at about the same level,
as was the fun quota.
What was nice was to sit and have the dinner happen around me.
To relax knowing what was going well and not,
but it not being my responsbility.
I loved hearing what everyone had been up tp.
This was more so for the Young Farmers than the staff.
That was super nice.
I enjoyed catching up with so many people,
even getting a hug from Spud!
The last and only time that happened was when I left NZYF.
I spent Friday wandering the Grand Final Contest paddock
watching Grand Finalists complete modules,
chatting to farmers about OSPRI things,
and having a say on the old stockjudging comp.
I miss stinky cattle.

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