Thursday, August 20, 2015

Palmerston North

It was John Cleese,
not a man of tact and one would like to think
he says everything he says to be humorous
but y'gotta wonder sometimes.
John Cleese said in 2006,
"If you wish to kill yourself but lack the courage to,
I think a visit to Palmerston North will do the trick."
It is a soulless place and
I live in Hamilton so I should I know.
Tomorrow I will get on the 6.15am flight to Palmy
Yes that is a 30 minute check-in so I will be at the airport at 5.45.
driving at 5.15,
up at 4.45am.
That's in the morning 4.45am.
I am shuddering at the thought of an early start.
I shudder at the thought of being in Palmerston North by 7.05am.
People are still getting up at 7.05am,
people I will have flown over in my wee bubble of an aeroplane.
Yesterday I was speaking to one of our Group Managers
who will be at the meeting also,
and she said oh yes, we catch the 6.45am flight to Dunedin.
Like it was the same thing.
Gee when she arrives at the airport,
I will be aboard my tiny plane setting off south.
She will be heading the Koru lounge to have a hot drink
and then board a much bigger plane than the 20 seater I'll be on.
So not the same thing.
After an all day meeting,
all day means we start when the senior managers arrive
at about 10.15am and go to about 3 maybe 3.30pm
so they can get home before 5pm
My homeward flight doesn't leave until 6.20pm.
So while all my workmates are heading home,
of not already there
I'll be sitting in uncomfortable seats thieving wifi at the airport.
Yes I am complaining and
I am very conscious that I am.
I get paid very well to make day return flights with rental cars
and Koru lounge memberships
so forgive me my first world problems and
indulge me. 
My weekend is a write off of exhaustion.
Palmerston North was where my parents met.
Mags training to nurse,
Greg an junior insurance agent freshly moved there from Wellington.
There is nothing wrong with Palmerston North,
shoot I wouldn't be here without it.
But there is nothing particularly right about Palmerston North either.
There in lies the problem.

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