Wednesday, September 2, 2015

San Andreas earthquakes

Yesterday I had a day at home with a wicked bad sinus headache.  You know the kind that comes with a low pressure weather front, that makes you want to peel off your skull at about cheekbone level just to get a little relief. 
I wasn’t tired, just very sore so Homeboy put on a movie – “San Andreas” with the Rock.  Ironically it’s the fifth anniversary of the Sept 2010 7.1 earthquake on the 4th. 
I thought surely after five years I must be fine to watch a movie about giant and unlikely earthquakes.
I found myself just a little tense and sitting in weird poses. 
Like the first movie earthquake hit, it decimated Los Angles.
It was a 7.1 and I was on the edge of seat with my arm outstretched and my eyes were very watchful. I have no idea what I thought was going on but my fight or flight senses were on, super on.
And it didn’t get better as the pretend earthquakes heading north up the San Andreas fault line towards and into San Francisco.
I lived in the South Bay to the south of San Francisco.   I spent heaps of time walking the streets of that hilly city overlooking the bay.   Every street in the movie looked like somewhere I had been, probably wasn’t though, I wasn’t that energetic. 
So seeing another place I ‘knew’ crumbling wasn’t that enjoyable.  Thankfully it started getting ridiculously outlandish and I found my equilibrium again. 
Although it could also have been because I moved to the couch and snuggled up to Homeboy. 
Earthquakes are easier when there are two of you.
Even fake earthquakes.

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