Monday, November 30, 2009

History never repeats, but the media does

Pottering around on the Internet is my new hobby, well distraction really. Can't say I'm that enamoured of googling and following links as I find myself lazily disappointed. Anyhoo...on Google there are all these new (probably just to me) links to other specialised searches like my new favourite.... Google Books

Get it??? The Very Hungry Caterpillar - the coolest kids book almost ever (the coolest is actually Olive the Other Reindeer)

What I love about Google Books is that you can read old magazines, old LIFE magazines. When I was at High School I had considerable cashflow - cause I worked as a check out chick and it was before youth rates so I got penal rates, yet another example of how socialists keep the working population oppressed with their good intentions, idiots - and I bought magazines. I loved LIFE and British music magazines, pretty much any thing with glossy photos and no fashion worked for me. Actually it still works for me. So the reason for the title of this blog post.....

Take a look at the old LIFE magazines they are full of ads! And more ads. It's worse than Vanity Fair now days and worse than the worser magazines - Vogue and any other dumb fashion magazines. At least in the old magazines they are advertising things real people really need like canned peas, woollen blankets, hot water cylinders and it's all delightfully raw and blatant.

V Mad Men - it's great.

I've always been fascinated with reading historical events as they were when they happened. History adds a different dimension to real events that is skewered so to see what the media of the 40s or 50s emphasised as important without 20/20 hindsight (and I use that concept loosely cause the victors write history - hate see whats going to come out about either Gulf Wars) is enlightening. LIFE always seemed to look events that mainstream media didn't take much notice - before you chuckle at the irony. I am well aware that LIFE is reasonably mainstream but in NZ it's not. Before the Internet international magazines reported in events that were in passing in our news. It's not any different now really. Nothing changes......

P.S. What kind of name is Rib Hillis?!?!?

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