Saturday, November 14, 2009

Today's tip!

I have this theory and I reckon I'm on to it... we all do things for individual and specific reasons. Now me I am phobic about rubbish bins. Can't stand them. Just the smell of them sends me to a sink to de-germ. I really hate them so to make it a bit easier for myself I had a wee think and really it was the food scraps that were making me crazy so I got a Bokashi bin.

Bokashi bins rock, serious. For those of you not in the know a Bokashi bin is a really clean, non-smelly way of recycling your food waste. It basically ferments your food waste in a big bucket, like super fast composting, and the juices from the process leak into a another bucket that the food bucket sits in. You can use the juices as fertiliser and once the Bokashi bucket is full you just dig the scraps that are now all mushy into a hole in your garden or you can chuck them in your worm farm like it do. To get a Bokashi bucket go to their website or if in Chch go to the Council cause they sell them.

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