Thursday, December 24, 2009

Good things about Christmas part I

Yes! almost better than actually eating Pavlova is licking the bowl!
That's Mags in the background being careful not to get her boob caught the in the electric beater.

Does my tongue look big on this?
That was one lick... hmmm I'd hate to have a fat tongue.

We already have leftovers!
Pippapotamus and Daya arrived last night, and I use that term for 1.30am loosely, from Brisbane and so we cooked up one of those super yummy chicken in a bag things and man its good. Cold chicky sammies for a early morning snack.

I'm beginning to think that Christmas is all about cold meat sammies....


I love my wonky Christmas tree!

I love having summer Christmases and shopping at the mall until midnight even though I'd only ever do it to fill in time before picking family from the airport in the early hours of the morning. Did discover that there is no waiting time at Just Cuts at 10pm.

To temper this post... I've just figured out after careful calculation that it's going to take 3 and half hours to roast our leg of lambie!!! and that my bathroom scales don't register anything under 25 kilos.

Good thing I weigh more than that! Stupid BNZ insurance man (long story for another post)

Merry Christmas!

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