Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Summer reading..

Amid all the spring cleaning I've been sneaking summer reading in, dunno why I think of it as sneaking after all I am a grown up and can do what ever I like... right?

The thing about summer reading is that it has to be the type of thing you can read all day (until you feel too guilty, once again I have no idea why I do but I do) and pick up and put down if you are in the midst of cleaning.

Officially I've been on summer holidays since last Friday but the weekend didn't count at all so in reality I've been on holiday less than 48 hours but I've read two summer reading books in that time and cleaned. It helps that it's still light at 9.30pm.

I do need to add a disclaimer here - I'm not good at reading fiction, not that you can tell from the books I've read thus far so here goes...
Right for those of you who slept through the US general election here is a review.
There is this really old looking guy called John McCain who is a Senator from Arizona (that's a desert state near the bottom of the States) who is most famous for having survived and never, never giving in to the Viet Cong as a POW for ages during the Viet Nam conflict and then marrying well (see even blokes can marry well) and being a Senator. So he's a traditional Republican choice for the race for President. Now to make him more appealing the Republicans picked Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska - a State literally the polar opposite of Arizona. I guess the Republicans wrote a list and then chose the opposite of McCain and came up with Palin.

During the election Palin was the butt of nearly all jokes and a lesser woman would have gone home afterwards and just had the biggest cry and a good lie down but not ol'Sarah. Probably because tears freeze on your face in Alaska and that can only hurt so nobody in Alaska is allowed to cry, ever. Even when you pull the duct tape you use to protect your face from frostbite off when you are snowmobile racing, also a compulsory activity in Alaska.

So I didn't have an opinion of Sarah Palin before reading this book but now I really like her but I don't think being the Vice President or President would be a good idea for her. I think Alaskans are throw backs and are what Americans like think they are like but in reality those from the Lower 48 have got soft and are now pretty much socialists. When someone rocks up who does believe in smaller and accountable government and actually has made her State more accountable (not entirely of course but good effort) it's like a mirror being held up and whoa! it's not you in the mirror. It's some soft, flabby, lazy person that can't possibly be you so you reject it all. Basically Palin is quite clear on who she is and that's a scary thing.

I wouldn't say I'm a fan of Palin or her book, Going Rogue but I'd vote for her based on the voting for the least worse candidate selection process that is so popular. I do think she's really pretty - can't believe I just wrote that! I do have to add this link cause it's just funny, keep clicking on stuff like the door, do that lots. You'll love this Dae.

Ok I love watching Dog the Bounty Hunter TV show cause it's just cringee and like watching a bus crash, repeatedly. And who knew he had a book, well the lovely library ladies did and now you do to!

Ok so Duane Lee Chapman (fated really) is called Dog cause when he was prospecting for Devil's Disciples in the early '70s when he was still a minor (Dog's really super tough) he got upset when some gang nutter wanted to hang a crucifix upside down, as you do. Dog quoted scripture on him and so they very wittily called D-O-G as in G-O-D backwards - they also didn't hang the crucifix upside down that's how tough Dog is.

Dog is also an absolute slut and it's a miracle that man did not catch something nasty but then he is really tough. He went to prison in Texas (apparently the hardest place to do time in the whole world but I think that might be a little like the baseball world series, only includes the U.S. teams cause I'm sure doing time in any Asian country would be the worst ever) for murder one (I'm so up the lingo thanks to watching Dog) anyway he didn't actually do it and charmed his way to being the Wardens barber - so note to self, when in prison sweet talk those in power.

By the way speaking of prisons and gang like people, I got a promo email this morning from the Tamaki Bros and according to them Guantanamo is closed - good to know but premature mind you they might just be some of the multitudes who believe anything that comes out that smooth talking Obama. Wonder if they know he's printing money...

Anyway luckily for Dog he meet Beth, repeatedly. I really like Beth because she's tougher than Dog and way smarter ... here's a photo of her...

Dog likes his women smart and busty and he's been married 6 times so he would know. He also has 12 kids, has the strangest concept of responsibility and God talks to him - might be that name thing. Light reading, with short chapters so you can get quite a bit of cleaning done while reading this book. Plus the cleaning goes fast when you are pondering the kids names and who their mothers might be. Actually Palin and Dog have this in common.
I promise to raise the bar on my quality of reading!

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