Monday, December 21, 2009

'tis the season... for birthdays

So weird thing (amongst many) about my family is that we tend to be born at the same time of year, the best and worst time of the year too...


The birthday season starts with the beautiful, smart and sporty Mem - December 3rd she turned 14 and you how important that birthday is, the threshold of becoming very useful to her family and neighbourhood... yes she can babysit!

Next is Mags - her birthday is December 12th.

December 12th happens to be a very popular birthday date and I knows about 10 people born that day and many seem to be in a similar age bracket as Mags. She can also babysit.

Next on the December birthday roll is ......

The very next day, the 13th is Neps birthday.

He too could babysit but he is quite busy caring for an entire Ward.

Then a bit of a lag, much to Red Mum's relief until we get to Kade, our newest addition.

The Stealth Bomber turned 1 last Saturday, the 19th.

An almost Christmas surprise for Nep and Red Mum (you gotta come up with a nickname!) and Mem, Hannie and Tommy Te (and the rest of us). That's the Stealth Bomber in the middle but he doesn't look like baby Mr Blobby now. He can be babysat..anytime I'm sure.

Then it's Pippapotamus and Joshua Stick Snake's turn on the 20th. Both very sweet and thoughtful people who like talking on the phone, at least to me, must be the birthdate!

Here's Smeggy, Joshy and Samu - a wee while ago - send new photos Nahiree!

And the semi-famous Pippapotamus..

This is a very recent pic. Pippapotamus will feature on roadtrip posts in the near future...and still plays with dolls but in an arty way.
Then there would have been my Pop's birthday on the 25th but his birthdays stopped sometime ago. There is way more famous fulla than my Pop and the 25th is his commonly recognised birthday and this is my favourite picture of him with his mum by Liz Swindle

And then there are a bunch of cousins who I've lost track of and then there is me.

on the 30th... yes the 30th of December... enough said.

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