Friday, March 5, 2010

Time outSIDE

The South Island Dairy Event - SIDE
'tis the season, day rather, for
Time outSIDE

See we have a bunch of dairy industry events all with SIDE
somehow in the event name and
this week it was the annual Time outSIDE
One day, just one day especially for those in their
first five years of their careers in on-farm dairying.
that's gobblely gook to you isn't it?
Here's the deal,
a Kawasaki ATV for $6999 including GST
haha not that deal, though it is a good one if you thrash ATVs
and go through one every three years,
that piece of advice is for free.
So the deal is...
There is next to no training for those who want straight forward farm work.
The training that there is great.
It's from the AgITO or from farmer levy organisations like DairyNZ
so if you choose not to attend pasture plus or the like
there aren't many options but to learn from your very busy on-farm boss
and even then the rule of thumb is the right way is the farmer's way
that may not be the best way nor will you have the whys and wherefores explained.
These guys are learning about why you herd test
I didn't attend this session so I still don't know why you herd test
I could probably guess though
but you tell me why you need to herd test your cows....
or what herd testing is at all if you would prefer....

Anyway Time outSIDE has five sessions of which herd testing was one.

Tug of war is not a session
but that's what we did at lunchtime,
including me but I'm not in that photo
and my team lost.
Tug of war is really hard,
could be my soft, inside person hands.
CRT Leeston did the lunch BBQ
and very nice it was too
In NZ BBQ is just a sausage on a grill with grilled onions on white bread with tomato sauce,
it hits the spot, repeatedly.
Excuse me for a minute
some chick on American Idol is singing one of my favourite songs
Wicked Game
(don't you know it Ngaire)
ok she should have chosen something else, it was very karaoke
So for me Time outSIDE this year was different
because it's my first time I've worked on it as a volunteer.
One thing I love about rural communities is that they really understand about volunteering
and they know that if it's going to be, it's up to me, or them.
Which is why the next evening only four people turned up on our Leeston Envirotown meeting but that's ok really cause we just talked about Earth Hour and what we are doing which will be turning out our lights for an hour on a Saturday night.
Hardly a peek electricity usage period.
That's an argument for another night.

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