Wednesday, November 10, 2010


thought it would be great to be one of those people who has the discipline to work from home.

I was awake at 5.45am as the lambies were tap dancing on the back deck. I thought "Aha! This is the perfect moment to get up and write that scoping document on the Rural Business Network!"
It's been 51 minutes and all I have done is reply to email, read Pioneer Women's site, facebook a little and now blog.
On top of that, my security settings keep resetting themselves as my webaccess work email address is unsecure and on top of that!! I have no phone at the moment because it threw its self into the bath - really it did!
I was using my phone as a bookmark and when I grabbed my book, forgetting the phone was in there, my phone flipped through the sky and into the bath. I kind of just looked it sitting on the bottom my very hot bath thinking "What the heck is that?" then squealed (not a natural sound for me), grabbed it and tossed it on to a towel, lay back and read my book.
In hindsight, maybe drying the phone immediately would have been preferable.

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