Tuesday, November 9, 2010


when I started this blog, I was in the throws of starting Leeston Envirotown.

I had grand plans of adding a daily post of a handy green hint but I couldn't be bothered, actually I realised that like many things environmentalism is pretty shallow in it's application.
So I stopped posting handy green hints.
But I still keep an eye out for simple, traditional cleaning, gardening, homemaking skills.
On Sunday I was feel pretty rotten and fluey
I can always tell how bad it is by my need to clean something,
something usually in desperate need for a clean.
On Sunday it was the bath
and it was bad.
Ages ago I was watching something on the telly, may have been the news, there was an article on a woman who had paid her family debt off by being, wait for this radical idea,
One thing the article showed her doing was cleaning her underneath the stove element thingees with dishwash detergent and baking soda, making a paste, slathering it on and letting it sit for a while, then wiping it off. This takes all the gunk off.
My bath wasn't quite that bad but I thought it would work.
I slathered the mix all over the bath, let it sit for as long as I could wait
then jumped in the shower and just washed it all way.
I have a very white and shiny bath now.

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