Sunday, December 19, 2010


to work is always interesting.

Ok I lie, for the most part the 40 minute drive flys by
as I race across the Canterbury Plains
and is broken up by my changing radio stations and switching CDs.
Now to sound completely ungrateful,
I get a new work car in the January and
horror of horrors it has a stereo that holds only one CD
instead of the six I'm used to.
You know this means I will have to join all the cool kids and get an ipod.
I've clung to CDs like John Cussak clings to vinyl
I have no idea if he does but he embodies the type of person who would.
Anyway as I flicked between stations the other day
I landed on a weird,
would say random but is any morning radio DJ anything but random??
conversation that Polly, Grant and New Hot Guy were having.
To be fair it was just Polly, the males are there as her fall guys.
Polly was going on about that woman
who is a mate of Jennifer Aniston's who was going on
about what a stink bum Angelina Jolie is
but using stronger terms than that.
Polly was banging on about how it's not cool for women to not like other women
but then she said she hated women who hated other women
which is what Polly is doing, so does she hate herself?
I'd venture a yes to answer that question.
Luckily the demographic ZM caters for are not sophisticated enough
or their hearing is damaged enough
that nobody took particular exception to Polly's hypocrisy
or maybe not luckily cause really it was another
example of the brain dead drivel that passes as entertainment these days.
It is rather hot this evening so am in grumpy mood
even though Lucky refuses to believe I ever have grumpy moods,
I do.
Merry Chritmas everyone!
Please note that author of this blog does not condone nor care about anything that Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie or any other women does in the parallel universe of entertainment, what ever form it manifests itself but does like to point out poor reasoning when she can be bothered or it's too hot to post a sensible post about her own rather dull life.

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