Monday, December 20, 2010


early this morning,

on my first official day off in my Christmas holidays,
I woke up.
That's woke up! woke up,
wide awake woke up.
Where is the justice?
Pleasantly cool before the 28 degree day kicks in
to be followed by three days of 28 degrees and
then on Christmas Day,
the one day when it is totally acceptable to be grumpy, dissatisfied and have a nap
it will be a cool 23.
But back to waking up before the birds and
in my case even before the lambs,
so I baked non-Christmassy baking while it was still cool

Melting Moments with lemon icing and choc banana muffins
and soon as I actually get around to washing the kitchen floor* and have a shower
I''ll go deliver this small bounty of non-Christmassy baking to a friend with lots of kids.
Have decided that Melting Moments are over rated.
I like to bulk bake and when you make the icing sandwiches
it halves the number.
Very technical this baking malarchy.
Cool weather = happy Christmas attitude
* My ambition in life is to wash the floor periodically and I often say I will and don't but today I have left over lolly shards stuck to the floor from Wednesday night and now I have blobs of creamed butter and sugar all over the place including between my toes as the bowl I was using was way too small.

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  1. Hi, have just found your blog. I blog about rural womens life in Australia. Have been enjoying your posts.