Monday, December 13, 2010


again I'm procrastinating, damn sponsorship reports.

the festive season has really kicked off with Mags birthday yesterday, shh but she's the big 65, that's like the big C but comes with money.
I gave her knickers, bubble bath bubbles and a Brooke Fraser CD.
Happy birthday Margaline!

Today is the NZYF Chistmas lunch.
You have no idea how hard it was to organise.
First we set Dec 2 as a date, then canned that cause we decided to run a Get Ahead Careers Experience day that day,
then we thought we'd have it one evening but that was crazy cause we have staff who live all over the place,
then we thought we'd get it together and have it before the new staff started just to have one last hooray with the old team before we welcomed the new staff on board,
then we thought we'd go and have a wee staff challenge like golf or shooting something in a slightly competitive way,
finally we just went to Terrace Downs up the road ....
and across the bridge, over the gorge and up a dusty gravel road on the side of a cliff called Zig Zag Road - my favourite.
This is the NZYF team.. well and Contest, AgriKids and TeenAg and Support staff.
I don't have a wide angle lens so Nic got halved but doesn't she have nice legs?
Tinky is next to her wearing her secret santa necklace
Me then Duncy, Lucky, Richie, new Kim, Louly who is leaving me, new Emma and finally Rozzy.
That's us for now all crammed into an office without enough desks
when we are in our office we look as crammed in as we do in this photo.
They are all great people to work with
I consider them to be my friends.
which is good cause most of my friends live on another island.

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