Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas tools

Last night in my infinite wisdom, I decided to make Cathedral Cookies.

What labour intensive, pain in the neck things they are to make!
Chilling in the dough in the fridge for 30 minutes,
rolling greasy as dough out between slippery baking paper,
double baking the biscuits,
breaking extremely hard boiled lollies for the centre,
avoiding any and all contact with mind blowingly hot liquid boiled lollies,
it was like the most extreme baking I've done in a while
I had to get the hammer out and use the claw to break the lollies!

Then as soon as the lollies were shattered
they got all stuck back together as the air got to them
plus when they finally shattered they flew all over the kitchen
so I had almost invisible shards of lollies stuck to the bottom of my feet,
they may now be in my bed
It was 11pm before I gave up and just ate the rest of the cookie dough,
not ideal.

but they are beautiful

I had to freehand cut the stars cause I only had a little star cutter
but I like the rustic look about them.
And I had to get them made right then cause
Louly is on holiday from today and I wanted her to have some before she went away.

I'll bring the rest for everyone else tomorrow
cause I am a little over these babies.

I now vow to never make these again
I think I've said that before.

If you are set on ignoring my recommendation to not make these cookies the recipe is here

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