Monday, November 14, 2011

Because it's important

At the World Young Shepherd Challenge

(and you know by we I don't mean me)
had a variety of modules to test the young shepherds on.

There was cut ID, wool ID, equipment ID, market ID
and our favourite.....
organ ID!

Let's see if you can tell what sheep organs these might be
*hint - we have them too

 Well I don't have any of these.
Aaron Cudden only has one
and Errol Flynn, that great shepherd of the Outback
removed them in the traditional way,
with his teeth.
And I met Kate from Oz while overseeing this module,
who has actually done that.
I could imagine her doing that.

This is just gross and
I'm glad I wasn't the one who had to put that clip on it.
This handy organ helps digest fat.
I suspect mine isn't working to it's full potential.

This blob looked like it was going to escape of the plate
and was the stinkiest of them all.
I kept expecting it to move somehow.
Also helps with digestion,
I'm beginning to suspect most organs do.
And is commonly digested by grandparents
along with other delectable body parts such as tripe.

This one looks pretty healthy.
I just wikied this organ and let's just say
I'm not anymore enlightened than I was before.
This one is full of love and can make your pulse race.

My favourite organ photo.
I do have to say I like eating these with bacon
or in a pie with steak.
Usually you have two and recently Jonah Lomu
ended up back in hospital cause his replacement one isn't working to well.

Which leads me to my pitch
organ donation is really important....

It's a moral choice for each of us
and can be emotive
but make your choice now and let it be known.
Not just on your drivers licence but
also tell your family if you want to donate.
Organs are only viable for a short period of time.

For more info go here to Organ Donation NZ
And don't forget to donate blood too.
It saved my dad's life but not how you think......

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