Sunday, November 13, 2011

My big, fat Mormon weekend

Yep it was all on this weekend.

Firstly Mag's friend Neroli's second son, Zac
is getting married on the 16th December.
Why do I announce this?
Cause it fits into my big, fat Mormon weekend.
Zac has recently finished his mission.
On his mission he met his princess bride,
his true love.
By the nature of missions she is a little older
so I'm sure that raised an eyebrow or two
cause all Mormons will automatically do the mission maths*.

But it's so very cool that he followed his heart
and asked for hers.
A temple wedding on the 16th is a happy ending to this chapter
but a wonderful beginning to eternity for them.
Her name is Nadia, pretty.

Meanwhile on the home front....
I baked chocy chippies for two lovely sisters
and on Saturday night dropped them off.

Ok here's how big and fat and Mormon my weekend got.
I went to Stake Conference on Saturday night.
I've done that before but as I was sitting there
totally involved and interested in what was being preached,
(although we don't really preach. 
Mormons are far to staid to preachy preach besides the
Book of Mormon is not of a biblical size to thump on the pulpit)
I suddenly thought about how before I was baptised a Mormon
I would drive past busy churches on Saturday nights and
wonder what kind of person goes to church on a Saturday night.
And now I know.... me.

There was still a conference session this morning.
I got to sit in the front row so I did my best to disconcert the speakers,
by staring at them with fervent listening attention
until our Stake President's daughter
wanted me to draw on her etch a sketch
and I love drawing on those things.
Nah not really.
I am the Stake Public Affairs Director so
was hosting our VIPs.
Who were Nicky Wagner, National MP
and Rahui Katene, Maori Party MP.

All the other nine MPs I invited declined
which I'm sure was because it's election campaign time
so they were busy but by coming to our conference
you made friends with about 1000 Mormons
all in one go.
That's a few votes.

Rahui is in our Ward anyway.
She is lovely and I really hope she gets elected again.
And she is Zac's aunty.
Mormon world is liddle, liddle.

Nicky is lovely too. 
She is currently a list MP and is lovely too.
Now I know being lovely isn't a reason to vote for someone
but it helps.

So this morning I was being VIP escorter
and sitting in the front row...
eyeballing the speakers.

Oh the speakers were insightful and inspiring.
You should have been there.

* Guys go on missions at 19 for two years, women go at 21 for 18 months.

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