Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Next event

My life is just a conveyer belt of events,

Next one is....
today in Palmerston North
we will have holding the pilot meeting for
for the Manwatu/Rangitiki
and other assorted regions.

My! What is the Rural Business Network?
I hear you say.
Well gosh!
It's a business network for rural people.
Y'know like farmers and stuff.
We have farmers and fencers,
bankers and bull sellers,
sales reps and people who have jobs that start with S
coming along to Wharerata
(apparently a poshish venue at Massey Uni, we will see tonight,
ooo I'm kind of excited)
and we get to nibble on yummy little nibbles
(I chose them, made sure we had beef).

Greig Shearer from C-Dax will speak.
I so hope he is good cause that's what I've been told.
And I will speak,
I sure hope I'm good, cause I'll be told if I'm not.

There's lots of help for this one.
William, Gazza, Mel - I think you've met Gaz before.
We have Elaine who I thought was called Eileen all day yesterday.
She'll take our focus group.
Hmmm focus groups....
so fun.

I'll try to remember to take photos
but it is in Palmerston North
dubbed suicide capital of New Zealand
by John Cleese.
It's not really... I think.

I'm planning on getting my nails done.
Such a treat being in a big town
with shops and stuff.

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