Wednesday, December 7, 2011

training daze

I really struggle with lengthy meetings.

I don't mind them if there is a purpose
but meetings for the sake of meeting
are just not cool.
Actually doing anything with a purpose is not cool.
Resting has a purpose.
Sleeping has a purpose.
Watching TV, like actually watching a particular programme
has a purpose.
Even window shopping has a purpose.

Yesterday we, at work started
a four day staff meeting.
Yes four whole days.
Four days 8.30am until 5pm.
That's a whole lot of meeting.

It's not so bad.
Yesterday was quite fun.
The late start helped.
Mands plane was late from up north
so we played merry go rounds with utes
as we often do.
The Boss did his overview of everything PICA
then Case lead us through each of sharing
what we enjoyed, succeeded and were challenged
by work this year.
Hmmm lots of things to say
except that I have a shocking memory
to be fair the year has been a blur.

We had secret Santa at afternoon tea.
Usually painful but this was really fun.

Then Lucky and Henery ran the afternoon session.
We usually have a group session brainstorming
on something like our ideas of improving the business.
It's called making the boat go faster.
That's Peter Blake's old line about being solution oriented.

But the afternoon was a whole kettle of fun.
First they had made very professional looking booklet
with four parts.
Then they got us to pair up.
Me and Rosie bounced in together and
started throwing ideas around
and around, oh and around.
Actually we started at the back of the book
which was a Dragon's Den
elevator speech, on the spot, pitch your big idea to
Rob and Vanessa.

Who are Rob and Vanessa?
Really, they were Henery and Lucky dressed up.
For Nicca they were two people who Lucky
knew from her partner's work.
He is a rural banker so that's feasible.
Hook, line and sinker was Nicca.

Lucky and Henery did a great job.
They made a humdrum exercise really fun
and really funny.
Good on them!

Young Farmers strikes again...
it's all about having fun and being challenged.

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