Friday, December 23, 2011

and more earthquakes

Beautiful day today.

Sunny, blue skies.
Hot sun and a cool breeze.
I tried to get a sneaky nap in at 1pm
only to be woken up at 1.58pm
with the 5.9 earthquake 20 seconds long.

I had enough time to leap out of bed,
throw my door open and stand under the door frame.
That quick thinking let me watch the ornaments fall over
and the house shudder and shake.

It's been awhile since we've had a decent sized earthquake.
By decent I mean bigger than a 5
So when this one hit I couldn't decide if it was huge
or if my memory was rusty and it just seemed so.
Turns out it was big.
Then we had another but only a 4
then another a bit bigger at 4.2,
and a 5.3
and then we had the 6.
All in an hour.

But the day goes on and
Visiting Teaching was on the cards
so Liz and I went and visited our church sisters.
They are all fine.

Liquifaciton is back with a vengeance in the Eastern Suburbs.
Nobody was badly hurt.
A couple of buildings collapsed but they were red stickered anyway.
Every one's nerves are fraught all over again.
When will it end?

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