Monday, December 26, 2011

It's super hot

and we are melting.

I love hot, sunny Christmases.
They are the bestest Christmases of all.

Church did happen on Christmas morning.
We had five Wards crammed into our Chapel
since Opawa Chapel has liquefaction and
there wasn't enough time to get the building checked
before Christmas Day.

It was good to be together on Jesuses birthday.
Good to catch up with people from across the city.
Good to see people so you really do know they are ok.

Mags came to Church.
That's her once a year visit done for 2011
she may stretch it out to last her for 2012.

Actually 9.30am on Christmas Day was early,
but we had a cunning plan.
Since there are no kids and no hordes of people at my place
we have Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.
That way on Christmas Day
when it's hot and naptime looks so much more attractive than cooking
we just do.
Cause we all know the best food at Christmas time
are the left overs.

My favourite is cold lamb sandwiches.

But the best thing about Christmas in summertime
are the fresh berries
(this year freaken hard to find,
too much rain though absolutely none now)
and fresh peas.

Oh I could sing about fresh peas.
I could compose poems about fresh peas.
I could write love letters to fresh peas.
Oh I just love them so, so much.
Is 4 kilos peas in their pods too much?

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