Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nigel Latta

Isn't Nigel the most unfortunate name?

I wonder if boys named  Nigel
feel the need to be funny to make up for their name.

Regardless of Mr Latta's first name,
he was very funny talking about parenting
while fundraising for Methven Toy Library
last night.

Nige is a clinical psychologist
and has had a couple of TV series here in En Zed
along the lines of the politically incorrect child raising subjects.

Adolescents are nuts,
kids should play unsupervised outside
(not totally unsupervised, just free like we were
with parents nearby but not hovering) and
sometimes get knocked about,
husbands are pragmatic
and it's all true.

Basically Nigel says give people some space,
give yourself a break,
go with the flow a bit.
Kids turn out ok in the end
and if you've read a parenting book,
watched one of his programmes
or gone along to one of his shows
you probably are a good enough parent.

If you get a chance to get along to see Latta live
do, he's worth it.

Nigel Latta's website
Nice work Methven Toy Library!

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