Saturday, December 3, 2011

supa hot

and loving it!
The roses are bloomin' blooming

and the veges are veging

Hanging out for the courgettes cause
they have been too expensive to buy.

Last night I went to Liza's place,
I haven't been there for a couple of years.
The reason was to visit with Alice and Alex
who I lived with 15 years ago.

I exchanged a Waikato summer for a Californian winter
after my first year at uni.
I had lived in California for three years previously
and after a year at home,
Liza called to say come over and play.
She had come over in my last year there
and hated it but went back anyway.

I ended up staying with Alice for four months.
I travelled quite a bit too,
places I hadn't been when I lived there
and a few that I had.
That's the benefit of having time away,
you get remember all the things you meant to do
but never did.

And now all these years later
Alice and Alex,
who is now 20 and was in elementary school when I was there
are here in the South Island..
They went off today over the mountains
stopping at Arthur's Pass on their way to Fox Glacier
and on to Wanaka.

So good to see them,
so good to be back home too.
And so good to munch on peanut butter cups.

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