Sunday, February 12, 2012

seeing potential in people

Here's the rub.
Seeing potential people can only work sometimes.
And here's why.....

Where I work we spend much of our time
spotting and developing leaders.
It's a risky endeavour.

Now this is fine when you are providing options
for people to take up as they see fit,
or not.
But it's not fine when you are employing people.

I'm a glass half full person.
I believe the best of people....
usually until they open their mouths.
Just joking.

Though I firmly believe in the quote
"It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool,
than to speak and remove all doubt."

I do believe the best of people,
I don't necessarily trust people whole heartedly
but I want to believe the best of people,
so I do.
I'm always the last one to know when
someone is doing something dodgy.
If someone tells me something I take it
they are telling the truth.
Ok that's with a cynical pinch of salt
mostly cause I know of my habit of looking for the good.
Am I making sense here?

I want to believe the best of people
but know from experience that people
when you invest expectations you will be let down.
Am I totally jaundice?

Back to the employee situation.
When you are interviewing someone
it's kind of like a first date
in that you have a list of attributes and skills
you are looking for.
And you are LOOKING for them.
Sometimes you see a gilmmer of an attribute
and you latch on to it.
Sometimes you see a different skill set,
that you need,
but isn't a priority
but you get all excited about that and go for them.

I've found is that the honeymoon period
with new employees is short.

That's when it bites.

This isnt from recent experience
and is from what I've observed more than
about anyone I've been employed.

That was self evident for the beginning.

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