Sunday, February 5, 2012

Summer lovin'

I know in theory that we should all be
out and about in the summer evenings,
but what is it about summer TV?
Repeat, repeat, repeat.
It's like TVland has forgotten to make
new programmes this year.

Tomorrow I am resolved to go and
get a Freeview decoder
and start the journey towards digital TV.
Then at least there will be a tonne of old programmes
I've never seen before.

NZ is going digital this year sometime.
I have an internal and eternal debate about
bothering at all.
TV is nasty and tacky.

A politician I once knew changed his life
by not watching the news.
Mainly because he was on it so much at that time
and the reports were generally wrong
and nasty as.

Watching the news is bad for your health.

Who am I kidding?
The worst part about TV is that it aides and abets
that thief of time,

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