Monday, May 27, 2013

Study leave

I find myself in a delicious but strange time in my life.

I have paid study leave for a month.
Do you know what an absolute luxury that is?

I resigned from my role at Young Farmers
a few months ago.
I set the date as the end of June 
as the middle of months of the years are always super busy for NZYF
plus I didn't want to leave any projects with holes in them.

I resigned because after three and half years
of giving it my all 
I am exhausted and looking for a new challenge.

Boy do I have some cool stuff coming up.

I am blessed to have an extensive network 
in the ag sector and over the last few years
opportunity after opportunity 
to do some great projects has arisen 
but working full time for an equally dynamic and busy organization
means there is little time to all the cool stuff.

So I find myself sitting at my home computer
on a Monday morning,
still in my jamas, 
all cosy by the fire
(while my fulla is off fishing with some friends in the freezing cold)
but wondering what you do when you have lots of unstructured time.

Maybe I'll pull out my A3 paper and colour pens
and create a schedule.

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