Monday, August 3, 2015

we are family

It's been an interesting weekend for my homeboy husband.
Last week he had a dream
that may or may not have been prompted by 
Mags and I laughing over old family photos.
He dreamt that he needed to call his aunt,
sorry he has so many I can't remember her name,
to ask for photos.
In the dream it didn't specify photos of what or of whom
but just that he call.
This is a man that I have to chase aka nag to call his mother.
Anyway he woke filled with conviction that he needed to call said aunt.
So he didn't but what did happen was that
an unmet cousin unknowingly posted a handful of family photos.
It was at this time I discovered that my homeboy husband
had never seen the face of his father.
This was a man who he never meet as he died when Homeboy was about two.
In the time between Homeboy's birth and his father's death by car accident,
his father lived overseas,
in theory attending university as by all reports
he was a very intelligent and inspiring man.
In reality Homeboy's dad was sowing his wild oats
while his wife staying on da islan raising his first born.
Turns out there is no denigning parentage there,
same nose, same thighs, same skin colour,
would be the same abundant hair if Homeboy had enough
Hard on the heals of Homeboy's dad came
and private message on the old Facebook
from a sister he had never heard of,
well sister plus one more.
So a face he has never seen materialised plus two sisters.
They knew about him but he knew not of them.
They are so his sisters too,
matching noses.
Nuff said.
It was a bit of a teary and exciting weekend.
And then, then, THEN!
Today we finally heard that Homeboy has New Zealand Residency.
Oh happy day!

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